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RoboForm Save and Remember Online Passwords

RoboForm Saves Forms and Fill Forms to/from Passcards

Save and Remember Online Passwords
Most secure sites force you to create a UserID and Password combination. RoboForm saves the online passwords (AutoSave dialog) and then fills login forms from the saved data (AutoFill dialog).  Your passwords are protected from theft in an encrypted file.
True 1-click Login
A single Login command causes: (i) navigation to a site login page, (ii) automatic filling of the login form, (iii) submission of the login form.
View and Edit your Passwords
Passcard Editor allows you to easily view, edit and manage your login info.
Print a List of your Passwords
Print a list of all your Passcards and get your passwords backed up to the most reliable medium -- paper.  You can also print a list of Identities.
Save Any Form to a Passcard
You can save any typed-in form to a Passcard (not just login form) and fill from this passcard later.  An example: save Free Magazine Subscription online application form and use it 6 months later to renew the subscription.
Add Notes to Passcards
You can add a text Note to Passcard that describes the saved form.
Block AutoFill and AutoSave per web site
You can block AutoFill and/or AutoSave popup dialogs for one web site.
Use Passcards as Bookmarks
You can use Passcards as bookmarks. Just save a passcard for any page and add a note to it.
          Filling Forms from Identities
Quality: Artificial Intelligence
AI RoboForm is really smart in filling in forms; it is the most precise form filler on the market. It  uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to achieve this kind of precision and we tested RoboForm thoroughly.
Not Just a few hundred forms, but All of them
RoboForm can read any form, it is not programmed to recognize specific forms on specific sites. RoboForm can fill forms that it has never seen before.
Multiple Identities
You can have many Identities and easily switch between them. Your identities do not have to be real people.  Use fake identities -- preserve your privacy.
Multiple Credit Cards, Addresses, even Persons in Each Identity
Every group of fields found in Identity (credit card fields, address fields, phone fields) can have multiple instances. That is, you can have several credit cards, addresses and people (usually members of one group) in one Identity.
Selective Form Filling
You can ask AI RoboForm to fill just a part of your form, rather than the complete form. Simply select (highlight) the fields you want RoboForm to fill and click the "Fill Forms" button -- only the selected fields will be filled.
RoboForm correctly fills selection fields presented as drop-down lists of items. Example: if your country is "USA", RoboForm will recognize "USA", "U.S.A.", "US", etc in the "Country" selection field.
Partitioned Fields
RoboForm also fills out fields that are divided into several sub-fields. Example: the "Phone Number" field could be in 3 fields of 3+3+4 digits, 2 fields of 3+7 digits, or one field of 10 digits. Roboform fills out all of these correctly.
User-Defined Custom Fields
In each Identity you can have several custom fields for which you specify the field caption that is used to recognize the field.
          Memorizing Offline data to SafeNotes
Save Secret Offline data to SafeNotes
You can store offline data in RoboForm SafeNotes that are encrypted by your Master Password. Examples of things to store in SafeNotes: * Software registration codes, * ATM passwords, * Lock combinations.

Use SafeNotes as extended Clipboard
You can store non-secret texts such as standard replies to emails in Safenotes too.
          Personal Data Security
Encryption by Master Password
Protect all your Identities and Passcards with the Master Password thus making them inaccessible to unauthorized users and unreadable by hackers even if they are stolen.  It uses 3DES encryption.
Ask RoboForm to cache your Master Password in memory and automatically purge it (logoff) after a specified period of inactivity.
No Spyware
AI RoboForm does not spy on you.
No Adware
AI RoboForm does not show you any ads.
          Miscellaneous Conveniences
Password Generator
Do not invent the password yourself, hackers can easily guess them. Use our industrial strength Password Generator instead.
Set/Clear/Reset Fields
RoboForm has commands to set/clear/reset all fields in a form or in a selection. This commands come in handy when you need to check or uncheck 20 checkboxes. Just highlight them all and select "Fill Forms. Set/Clear Fields" command.
Drag-And-Drop Filling
As last resort, you can use Drag-And-Drop Filling.
Convert from Gator
You can use a converter program to convert Gator user data to RoboForm format.
          International Form Filling and GUI
We Speak Your Language
AI RoboForm user interface, manual, FAQ and web site is available in many languages, click here for details.
We Fill Forms in Your Language
AI RoboForm can fill forms in multiple languages, not just in English. Currently it works in English (US and UK), Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Simply select your country/region when installing RoboForm for the first time. RoboForm will talk to you in the language most used in the selected country and it will fill forms in this language.
Country-Sensitive Form Filling
AI RoboForm lets you select your country, and then it customizes form filling rules based on traditions of your country.  Example, it knows that in America the date format is MM/DD/YY, but in the UK it is DD/MM/YY.  It also knows phone number formats, postal code formats, bank account number formats, etc.  Currently form filling is localized for these countries: United States, Australia, Canada (English and French), China, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
Machine Translation: Just a Little Bit
You can set the selection value in one language (example: you create your identity with Titre "Monsieur" in French) and AI RoboForm will correctly fill this value in any language that it can handle.  It would put "Herr" into the Titel field in a German form.
          User Interface
Automatic Operation
RoboForm intelligently minimizes the number of clicks you need to perform in order to achieve your goal -- filling in and submitting an online form.
AI RoboForm is fully client-based, so it is fast. It works fast because it works inside your IE browser and it does not need to talk to an overloaded Big Brother server.
RoboForm's user interface has been revised several times to make it easy to learn to use. Most of the features of the UI were proposed by actual users.
IE Toolbar for Easy Control
RoboForm can add a toolbar to IE that makes controlling it real easy while occupying a minimum amount of screen real estate.
Fill Forms dialog
Users who do not use the RoboForm toolbar can control RoboForm from the Fill Forms (AutoFill) dialog which provides access to the Identity and Passcard Editors and Options.
Total GUI Customization
Yes, AI RoboForm lets you create your own User Interface. You can customize the RoboForm toolbar and the behavior of most commands.
Stay Fresh: AutoUpdate
RoboForm automatically monitors our web site for new versions and it will offer you the option of upgrading when a new version is released.
Browser Integration
RoboForm integrates with Internet Explorer versions 4 or higher, any browser based on IE (AOL, MSN, NetCaptor, NeoPlanet, etc), and with Netscape 7 / Mozilla.


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