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Intex to Launch the Cheapest Android Smartphone in India

altNow another mobile manufacturer ready with Android phone in India. Intex Mobiles, they planing to release the cheapest Android phone in India by February 2011 which cost you around Rs. 5,500 only. Intex Mobiles Android phone comes with Android 2.2 and very low price in India. Also they plan to release 4 new models of V.Show Intex IN 8810 projector phone in same time.
According Mr. Sudhir Kumar, assistant general manager of the telecom division at Intex, "We will launch an Android 2.2 phone in the first week of February and it will be priced at around Rs 5,500."

As Telecomyatra reported, the Intex Android features a 3.2 megapixel camera, 2.8 inch resistive full-touch screen, Wi-Fi and GPS.

We already some cheap Android phones announced in India and one is recent by Micromax Andro A60 which is price at Rs. 6,990 also another cheap Android from Huawei, the Ideos is expected to cost less than Rs. 8,000 in India. Now surely the new Intex Android phone at very low price of Rs. 5,500 will be tough competitor for other brands. Though Ideos have better specification than others and they'll also drop the price at release.

The company also plans to launch four more models of V.Show with Office applications support. The new projector phones will come with some interesting apps and it will help users watch movies, videos, picture galleries and even read e books on their mobile phones. V Show enables the user to project movies and still images which are either stored in the phone's memory or are streamed from the internet but can't able to project from their computers but needs to 1st transfer to phone.

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